Answers to your questions about Stagebridge


Q: Where exactly is Stagebridge located, and how can I get there?

A: Stagebridge is located along Stagebridge Road, in Lovingston, a small town in Nelson County, Virginia. For directions to Stagebridge, click here. For an interactive google map of Stagebridge, click here.


Q: What does Nelson County have to offer, and what is it like?

A: Nelson County offers many opportunities. For more information, visit these two informative websites:



Q: Nelson County is very near the City of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. What more can you tell me about these places?

A: The City of Charlottesville is located in the center of Albemarle County, which is nestled in central Virginia, just east of Nelson County. To learn more about these great places, visit the following websites:

For information on the City of Charlottesville: and

The City of Charlottesville was recently voted among the top 10 Healthiest Towns by the AARP. Click here to find out more about this ranking.

For information on Albemarle County:



Q: Where and how does Stagebridge advertise its land for sale?

A: We have a website dedicated to our advertising. Click here to visit that site.


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